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learn cryptstagram tradecraft

Hiding in Plain Sight!

Upload your encrypted image onto a social network so that friends who know the password can unlock the message but no one else can.


Send captions, hidden messages, and extra content to your fans. Encrypt your images with a password that is shared among your fans and community. As an example, if you’re a band, all your images could be encrypted with the name of your band and fans could find out about secret promotions or trivia.


Contribute new filters to match a holiday theme or a branded theme. The filters are simply HTML5 canvas and JavaScript so they’re easy to create and add to Cryptstagram!

Create new glitch filters to further the glitch aesthetic of manipulating raw data within images to create different visual output. Oh, and of course you can insert a hidden message afterwards!


Tell stories with your contributed images, with the decrypted messages advancing the narrative.

Hint at what the password to an image is within the content of the image. A photo of a morse code tapping unit might hint at a morse code password.


Post an image on the Cryptstagram stream that hints at what its password is inside the image, prompting others to try to “hack” the password to get the secret contents! Then you can see how many people tried to decrypt it versus how many succeeded!

Post an image on the Cryptstagram wall but only give others a hint about which image on the wall is yours. For instance, tell your readers to “follow the white rabbit” and they’ll try looking for a white rabbit Matrix tattoo.

Create a scavenger hunt on the Cryptstagram wall where your branded content images lead people from one clue to the next within the decrypted messages.